The DiamondFit Performance Approach

An intentional approach to increasing athletic performance through the foundation of strength development

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DiamondFit Sport

The combination of DiamondFit Strength, DiamondFit Speed, and DiamondFit Skill, is designed to increase and improve the athletic abilities of our athletes in their specific sports. Our facilities may offer different opportunities to work on sport specific training depending upon the individual expertise of our coaching staff.


DiamondFit Speed

As the baseline of strength continues to develop, the body’s supraspinal inhibitory signals will allow an increased rate of force development. The rate at which force is applied will directly affect speed of movement.


DiamondFit Strength

Strength training has many physiological effects, first and most importantly neurological adaptations. Neural adaptions to strength training will improve intra and intermuscular coordination.


DiamondFit Nutrition

Proper nutrition is the most fundamental building block to achieving one’s overall health and fitness goals. Whether you are a high-level athlete, a former athlete looking to get back in shape, or a complete beginner.


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The body’s ability to safely execute movements with precision, explosiveness, endurance, and power is the key to measuring athletic performance. These movements are the foundation of all sports, with some more important in certain realms of athletic competition than others. Therefore, there is a universal importance to enhancing the overall strength of the athlete across a comprehensive set of movements. This enables the athlete to safely perform at their peak. This foundation of athletic strength training is what our DiamondFit Performance programs are built upon.

Athletic Sport Development

Our DiamondFit Strength, Speed, and Skill programs are designed to seamlessly work together to dramatically improve your athletic ability in your chosen sport. Our facilities offer multiple opportunities for athletes to train for their specific sport and leverage the experience of our elite coaching staff. 

Contact our team to speak to a coach or team member about how we can help you progress and develop your skills for your specific sport.




Speed Development Program

In addition to our strength programs, our High Performance Treadmill program focuses on speed and correct movement. This translates to better performance on the field or court, and improves speed and skills across sports. To achieve this, our Speed program utilizes both high speed and high incline to force athletes into correct positioning for power generation during a run. The goal of our Speed program is to improve various neurological functions such as coordination, agility, accuracy, and balance. In addition, our Speed program raises the anaerobic threshold and stamina of the athlete. Overall, through this program, you will experience greater speed and power output by learning and practicing proper running and power generation mechanics. 

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Rate of Force Developed



Strength Training Program

Strength training comes with an enormous suite of benefits for athletes. The first and most important is neurological adaptation. Neural adaptations to our DiamondFit Strength Training programs will improve intra-muscular and inter-muscular coordination. Through proper coaching within our carefully designed programs, your nervous system will learn athletic movements and become incredibly efficient with the transfer of energy through the kinetic chain. With this proper training and consistence, your nervous system will be able to synchronize the recruitment of motor units while increasing the firing rate. Translation? You will express more strength and perform at a significantly higher level.

To learn more about our Strength program at DiamondFit Performance in Katy, contact our team.

Stability, Flexibility, Mobility

Neuromuscular Control


Nutrition Coaching

Proper nutrition is the most fundamental building block to achieving one’s overall health and fitness goals. Whether you are a high-level athlete, a former athlete looking to get back in shape, or a complete beginner just starting your fitness journey, nutrition will play a vital role in maximizing your results. Here at DiamondFit Performance, we take an individualized approach with each of our clients to ensure they have the knowledge and tools to achieve their goals.

Balanced Approach


Nutrient-Dense Meal Planning

Time to take your next step in your performance development

DiamondFit Performance

The process at DiamondFit Performance in Katy begins with an assessment screening. This allows our team to identify what level the athlete is currently performing at and note any immediate areas for improvement. We operate under a strict “NO Trying Stuff” policy to protect our members from potentially injuring themselves before beginning their program.

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