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DiamondFit Adult Fitness

Our Adult Fitness Program is science-based, goal-oriented, and result-driven with an emphasis on corrective exercise techniques. Well-rounded programs that can take you to your next fitness goal! Our coaches will push you, hold you accountable, and assist in helping you achieve the goals you set! With unique methods and abilities to interact with small groups and individuals, the DiamondFit coaches will really elevate you to another level. Whether it be general fitness, weight loss, or getting back to your inner athlete, our Adult Fitness program is the home for you.


DiamondFit Adult Fitness




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DiamondFit Adult Fitness

At DiamondFit Performance Facilities, Call to Learn When!

Our process begins with a complimentary movement assessment. This allows DiamondFit Performance to identify which performance level to place our members, as well as identify any possible movement pattern inefficiencies.

Call or email today to schedule your complimentary movement assessment.

** It is important to only make an account for the child who is scheduling the screening! Parents, please do not make accounts in your name! Thank you! **