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DiamondFit Performance

DiamondFit’s Strength, Speed, and Skill components are designed to work together seamlessly to increase and improve the abilities of our athletes in their specific sports. Our environment may be heavily influenced by our baseball roots, but our facilities offer multiple opportunities for athletes to train and develop their overall performance through the cumulative expertise of our coaching staff.


DiamondFit Performance

Neuromuscular Adaptation

Power Efficiency

Dynamic Movement

Time for you to take the next step in your athletic development?

DiamondFit Performance

At DiamondFit Performance Facilities, Call to Learn When!

Our process begins with a complimentary movement assessment. This allows DiamondFit Performance to identify which performance level to place our members, as well as identify any possible movement pattern inefficiencies.

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** It is important to only make an account for the child who is scheduling the screening! Parents, please do not make accounts in your name! Thank you! **